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What are the advantages of cloud computing?

| 05:41:42 30.03.19
In the recent years cloud computing has become incredibly popular with most major businesses moving  at least a part of their operations to the cloud. And this is not surprising, storage in the cloud and cloud computing in general have numerous significant advantages that help streamline communication and reduce operational costs despite the challenges of cloud computing. 

Cloud computing lowers IT costs

Perhaps the main benefit of conducting your operations in the cloud is that you save a significant amount of money. You won’t have to buy expensive servers and other equipment, there would be no need for extra space for this equipment, you won’t need to upgrade it every few years and purchase software for it. Plus, without the additional equipment your electricity consumption will be reduced significantly and you won’t need to employ workers that maintain this equipment. 

Easy scale-up of your business

Another great thing about cloud computing is that it offers lots of flexibility for your business. For instance, when operations are booming and you need lots of computing power and storage space, you can get that almost instantly in a cloud without buying new equipment, and in the down season you can easily scale down your use of the cloud according to your needs, which is much easier than decreasing the size of brick-and-mortar operations. 

Effortless collaboration

Cloud computing is an absolutely crucial tool for businesses that have employees, advisers or contractors working in several locations. When all of your files are in a cloud database, people can access them remotely over the internet and edit those files in real time, so projects can progress much faster. This way of sharing data and collaborating also offers significant security, so you can send your financial records to your accountant over the cloud without worrying of someone stealing them. 

Quick and simple software updates

A lot of businesses often fall behind on updating their software either because the operation is too small to have a person who’s specifically responsible for maintaining IT systems, or because it doesn’t seem like it’s necessary to update your software since it’s working just fine. Unfortunately, this can lead to security breaches, as well as to businesses missing out on new ways to optimize and improve operations. But when you use the Amazon cloud computing or most other networks, software is updated for you automatically, so you get all the benefits without the trouble. 

Protection of data 

Life is full of uncertainty, but when you use cloud storage, you can be sure that you files are safe no matter what happens to your company’s equipment. Whether you office is flooded, destroyed by a hurricane, or simply out of power for a few hours, all of your files will be securely stored on multiple servers in a safe location, allowing you to resume operations quickly without losing more business.