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How to become a cloud computing engineer?

| 05:39:09 30.03.19
Cloud computing engineer has been named one of the most highly demanded jobs in 2018. Virtually every large company has some of their operations done in the cloud and millions of people and countless companies use the cloud to backup their data. Below you will find everything you need to become a cloud computing engineer and launch an exciting and lucrative career. 

What tasks does a cloud engineer perform?

The job description of a cloud engineer includes pretty much all the technical aspects of cloud storage and computing. This can include designing and building cloud software, maintaining cloud systems and troubleshooting issues that may arise. In large companies those tasks will typically be done by different engineers, but in smaller businesses it may be just one person responsible for everything.

What skills should be on a cloud computing engineer’s resume?

The main requirement for a cloud engineer is knowledge of at least one of the following services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. These are the three major players in the cloud industry, and once you learn one, you can easily transition to another one, although AWS remains the system of choice for most developers. You should also have other general IT and programming skills, including software development, visualization and automation skills, knowledge of IT architecture. In order to have the most success in the industry, you should aim to be able to work in multi-cloud environments.

Lastly, traditional business skills, such as leadership, organization, communication, etc. are also necessary for any aspiring network engineer in cloud computing. 

What degree does a cloud engineer need? 

Cloud engineering is still a very new field, so there are few programs that prepare cloud engineers specifically. However, a degree in computer science, informatics, software engineering or information systems and technology is certainly a good way to prepare yourself for a cloud engineer career. Once you have a background knowledge in those fields, it can be relatively simple to get experience in cloud computing for a network engineer, for example, or transition to cloud computing in software engineering. 

Another way to learn cloud computing is to take one of the courses offered by Amazon, Google or Microsoft that teach people how to work in their respective cloud systems. 

Where can I find a job as a cloud engineer?

Most of the positions for software engineers tend to pop up around large cities, with most popular hubs being San Francisco, Boston, New York and Seattle, however, you can also find a position that will allow you to work remotely and potentially live anywhere in the world.