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5 biggest cloud computing companies in 2019

| 05:57:08 30.03.19
Amazon Web Services (AWS). Not surprisingly, Amazon takes the top spot in our list as the largest cloud computing company in the world and one of the first companies to get into cloud computing business. The company constantly modifies and improves its existing features and services and monitors the market to understand what users need and develops new services to help fulfill those needs. Amazon remains the most popular choice for companies that want to move their operations to the cloud, some of their most popular services include machine learning, cloud storage, customer engagement, cost management and more. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform comes in second. Microsoft is extremely popular with developers that use .NET since it is compatible with its programming language and because of its Visual Studio integration. Azure is mostly developer-focused, with the platform’s goal being to make developers’ jobs easier and allowing them to focus on development of innovative software instead of cumbersome programming. Azure also offers a large marketplace with ready-to-use products for developers as well as a significant partner network. The platform’s data centers are located all over the world, including China, USA, Europe, Brazil and Australia. 

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is one of the largest cloud services companies in the world. What helps this company stand out among other cloud companies is its long history and a large number of devoted customers that use traditional IBM products. When the company that uses IBM legacy equipment wants to transition their operations to the cloud, IBM often becomes the natural choice for this transition. The company offers a wide range of services and packages for clients with all levels of needs. Some of the cloud services IBM provides includes blockchains, databases, integration, developer tools and more. 

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a largely underestimated cloud computing company, according to some experts in the field. It falls quite far behind Amazon, IBM or Microsoft Azure platforms despite its wide range of services and broad technological capabilities. In the last few years the goal of Google Cloud Platform has been to make artificial intelligence available to everyone through its cloud technology. In fact, scientist can use Google’s AI to explore machine learning using content provided by the company. 

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba first opened in 2009 as an e-commerce platform and the company only recently began its transition to cloud services that include IaaS and PaaS. Despite its humble 5th place on this list, Alibaba is the leading cloud technology company in China and it is quickly expanding in Asia and the rest of the world. Even though many businesses worry about putting their data and IT operations in a China-based cloud platform, Alibaba is aggressively expanding with its revenue doubling from 2017 to 2018.