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What does cloud-based technology mean?

| 05:55:35 30.03.19
What is cloud-based software and tech?. It seems like nowadays every day we hear about the cloud and cloud-based computing. Apple has iCloud, and virtually every other program or service utilizes the cloud in one way or another. So what is the cloud and what does cloud-based technology mean? 

Cloud-based technology or software means that the program you’re using is not installed on your computer. Instead, it is located on a server in a data center that can be located anywhere in the world and you’re accessing that software via the internet. Back in the day you had to go go a store, buy a CD with the program you wanted and use that CD to install the program on your computer. Now you can just go to a protected website, enter your login credentials and use the program immediately without having to worry about its installation and maintenance. 

Benefits of cloud-based computing

There’s a reason why more and more companies choose to switch to cloud-based technology and that reason lies in the many benefits cloud computing has to offer. First of all, when you’re using software located in the cloud you can access it at any time from any computer with internet access. This means you don’t need to bring your work laptop everywhere - any computer you will do. This is perfect for people who travel often for work, work from home or from the office and those who prefer to conduct some of their work using their smartphones. 

Another benefit of the cloud is that hundreds, if not thousands of employees can work on the same project simultaneously from different cities or parts of the world. Every edit one person makes becomes instantly visible to others. 

Lastly, cloud-based software can save a significant amount of money every year for a company. For instance, you no longer have to buy servers, computers and hard drives with lots of computing power and memory, you don’t need to buy software and pay for someone to install it and maintain it. Normally, you would pay a subscription fee for using the software in the cloud, making the IT side of your operations simpler. Plus, data centers that host servers with cloud software have robust redundancy practices in pace, meaning that down time in case of equipment or network issues can be minimized and even eliminated. 

Cloud computing disadvantages

The main concern associated with cloud-based computing is security. After all, your data is located on someone else’s equipment, so many companies worry about their privacy. When considering cloud-based software you should always choose a reputable vendor and negotiate the terms of the contract carefully. Before making any arrangements it is necessary to inquire what security measures the data center or software provider has in place, what their disaster tolerance is, etc.