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3 best cloud databases for small businesses

| 14:21:43 22.04.19
Amazon Relational Database. Amazon Relational Database is the perfect choice for technically proficient users who have experience using Amazon Web Services, as well as data scientists and administrators of databases. This cloud database platform offers a wide range of database formats that are compatible with most of the other major database providers. There is a free trial period that lasts up to 750 hours and afterwards you can choose to use a paid service package or opt for a free one that includes only a limited number of services. 

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

The services offered by Microsoft Azure are not limited to databases. This platform also offers other types of cloud services: infrastructure, software and platform as service. Using Microsoft SQL Database experienced users can create new custom databases and utilize machine learning services. You can try this service out for a year for free, afterwards instead of buying a subscription you can pay as you go. 

Rackspace Cloud

Rackspace cloud is the perfect choice for those who want to utilize advanced cloud computing products developed by large companies but also take advantage of the level of service only a small company can offer. When you use Rackspace Cloud you can choose one of the many larger cloud providers and simply use the platform provided by Rackspace to make the interaction more smooth. When using Rackspace companies have access to Persona Server, MySQL, MariaDB and many other services. Once you sign up for Rackspace Cloud services you will be able to take advantage of a personal technical account manager, a detailed guide on security, 24/7 technical support for all your database needs and free server monitoring to ensure the safety of your operations. 
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