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Top 4 free blog hosting websites

| 09:04:02 24.02.19
Looking for free blog hosting with your own domain is always a gamble: there are hundreds of websites that advertise free hosting but are, in fact, looking to scam you out of your money later on. To avoid getting caught in one of these traps, check out our list of trusted websites that offer legitimate web blog hosting for free. 

Wix - our top pick for free blog hosting sites

Whether you’re looking to create a blog, a website to sell and promote your services or an e-commerce platform, Wix is a perfect choice for you. This platform allows you to build your own website without any prior knowledge or experience with web design or coding. Even their free plan allows you to use the drag-and-drop feature to build a unique website from “building blocks”. There’s lots of free art that you can use to improve the design of your website, plus, all websites created on Wix are compatible with mobile devices - a huge advantage in today’s world. 

WordPress - the post popular choice for free blog hosting

If you’re looking to build a free blog with custom domain look no further - WordPress is the most popular platform among bloggers and a staggering 25 percent of all websites on the internet are powered by the platform. Whatever your budget is, WordPress won’t break it - packages with impressive lists of features are available for very reasonable prices and even for free. This high-security platform offers over 45 thousand plugins that you can use to customize your blog, plus, all the features are SEO-optimized. 

000webhost - free blogger domains for you

The name of this hosting platform says it all - 000webhost allows you to host your blog for $0.00. The platform is very intuitive, so you can build a complex website with subpages and photo galleries in the matter of minutes. You can also take advantage of 1 GB of free storage space and 10GB of bandwidth included with the free package. The platform is free from ads and does not include any hidden costs that you may discover later. 

X10hosting - free blog domain and hosting

X10hosting is the perfect hosting choice for bloggers who need lots of disk space or bandwidth - this hosting website does not have limits on these features. This makes it a great choice for bloggers who upload lots of high-quality video and photos to their websites. Plus, there are no limits on traffic for your website, making fast audience growth possible. Some of the other free features that this hosting service offers include cPanel for easy website management, FTP, MySQLand even an intuitive and user-friendly website builder that lets you create a website in minutes. All of these features make x10hosting one of the best free blog hosting websites on the internet.