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Armlinsoft has new IBM Power Systems 8335-GTH (IBM Power System AC922) for high performance computing powered by the 2 x 16-core 2.7 GHz (3.3 GHz Turbo) IBM POWER 9 Processors. The machines are uniquely suited to GPU-accelerated, high performance computing applications such as IBM PowerAI Enterprise and machine learning. The hardware is equipped with 2 x NVIDIA Tesla V100 equipped with NVIDIA NVLink. The IBM data science experience and NVIDIA GPU cloud deployment on IBM Power 9 servers is the first of its kind in the direct access and is one most advanced computing platforms available on demand. Deep Learning workstation and GPU cloud computing are the best way for all kind of researchers. Ideal for working with NVIDIA GPU cloud technologies.

IBM Power 9 servers on demand

With PowerAI Direct Access users can run or develop custom applications using all software above. 

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