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| 05:18:2405.11.20
We are starting the development of a system for analyzing stock prices
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Here we discribe how to using SSH remote on USB port with Raspberry Pi Zero W:
| 13:55:3822.04.19
When it comes to cloud computing business models and types of services offered by cloud computing provides, there are 3 categories. These are SaaS, or software as service, PaaS, or platform as service and IaaS, or infrastructure as service. We’ll look at each one in more detail.
| 06:19:3430.03.19
In 2019 cloud-based technology has reached virtually every aspect of our lives and every part of the internet. There are many ways to use cloud computing and today we will take a look at some of those uses. 

| 05:57:0830.03.19
Amazon Web Services (AWS). Not surprisingly, Amazon takes the top spot in our list as the largest cloud computing company in the world and one of the first companies to get into cloud computing business. The company constantly modifies and improves its existing features and services and monitors the market to understand what users need and develops new services to help fulfill those needs. Amazon remains the most popular choice for companies that want to move their operations to the cloud, some of their most popular services include machine learning, cloud storage, customer engagement, cost management and more. 

| 05:55:3530.03.19
What is cloud-based software and tech?. It seems like nowadays every day we hear about the cloud and cloud-based computing. Apple has iCloud, and virtually every other program or service utilizes the cloud in one way or another. So what is the cloud and what does cloud-based technology mean? 

| 05:53:0330.03.19
Cloud engineer job description. Cloud engineer is an IT professional who assesses the businesses IT needs and proposes a solution for moving some or all of the work performed to the cloud, performs the transition and implements cloud-based software and maintains it after the switch is complete. 

| 05:50:1030.03.19
Cloud computing has changed the internet forever, there’s no denying that. More and more businesses move their operations to the cloud and software developers now design apps mostly for the cloud. So the main question everyone is asking is whether cloud applications need to be designed differently than traditional software. The answer is, of course, yes, the requirements for cloud-based software are completely different from regular applications simply because the environment where they are expected to work is different as well. Here we talk about 4 things you need to keep in mind when building cloud-based software. 
| 05:47:4830.03.19
Even though the concept of cloud computing has really only become popular in the recent years, it has been around for a while now. Essentially, the term “cloud computing” refers to sharing files and information using the internet. For instance, when someone says that their files are stored in a cloud, it means that this data was uploaded via the internet to a remote server and it is stored there. The owner of the data can access it at any time and from any device that has internet access. 

| 05:41:4230.03.19
In the recent years cloud computing has become incredibly popular with most major businesses moving  at least a part of their operations to the cloud. And this is not surprising, storage in the cloud and cloud computing in general have numerous significant advantages that help streamline communication and reduce operational costs despite the challenges of cloud computing.